Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Haig Article

After reading the last post I decided to do a little research and find out some more about who Curzon was based on. I found an interesting article on General Haig, which actually contains a document of his strategies and plans for fighting the war, entitled "General Factors to be Weighed in Considering the Allied Plan of Campaign during the Next Few Months" (1916). Basically, it outlines his intentions about carrying out decisive offensive attacks, rather than using an attritional option, even though he is aware that a gradual diminution of the enemy is a possible strategy. We know now that it did turn into a long drawn out war, but there is no actual record of Haig ever reconsidering his initial ideas. While reading this article, I really saw a connection between the real General Haig and the character of Curzon. Many of the statements that Haig makes could have easily come out of Curzon's mouth as well. The article also gave me a higher appreciation for Forester's work because in a way, he humanizes the the type of man behind this cold, precise military document.


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